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1 definition by LoyalRage

A game based off of the popular MMORPG Kings of Chaos. Named so because Kings of Chaos is now RUINED thanks to some idiotic changes made by the game admins. Some of which are the in game recruiter and the changing of the sabotage feature.

Ruins of Chaos is classified (by the creators) as a MMORPG (Massively Miniscule Online Role Playing Game). It is more like old style Kings of Chaos and therefore, much better than the current Kings of Chaos.
RoC > KoC
Kings of Destruction is the best alliance in RoC and you should therefore play the game and join them.
#kings_of_destruction on irc.cyanide-x.net is home of some of the coolest Ruins of Chaos players.
by LoyalRage October 27, 2008