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In short: the art of sucking a man's dick. This can be done by either a man or a woman, kinda depends on the guy recieving. Most girls find it degusting, but I think it's a great way of showing your partner that you care, or even love, them. Techniques include swirling tongue around penis, humming or moaning, sucking (obviously) and deep throating, which is much desired, though requires practice so you don't activitvate the gag reflex, though again, some man like this. No teeth, it can really put an end to any pleasure, as it is very sensitive down there. This can be used in fore-play and just as a way of getting your guy off. If the latter is the case, then make sure you show plenty of care and attention to show him that him cumming in your mouth is what you want more then anything at that moment. Most guys also like it when you swollow, so always swollow with a smile and be proud that he actaully trusts you enough to let his penis anywhere near your teeth.
Example One:

Random guy: What the hell were you doing last night, mate, you wouldn't answer your phone?
Random guy: Just getting one hell of a BlowJob, mate, the phone was not as important as that.
Random guy: I hear ya, mate, I hear ya.

Example Two:
Random girl: So, what were you two up too last night?
Random girl: Just giving my boyfriend the blow job of his life.
Random girl: You actaully put a penis in your mouth?
Random girl: That is what a BlowJob is.
Random girl: What was it like?
Random girl: Find out with your boyfriend toight.

Exampla Three:

Girl: Come on, baby, I'll give a BlowJob to help you relax.
Guy: Sounds... good.
Girl: I don't bite, babe.
Guy: Good.
Girl gets on knees and starts deep throating.
Guy: So good.
Guy cums and Girl swollows.
by LoverNotFighter October 26, 2012

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