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Usually has a dark sense of humor. Tends to have dark hair and green mesmerizing eyes. Looks great in red. Rarely cares what you think, you are probably wrong anyway.
guy 1-"Wow, look at her, she is intoxicating."

guy 2- "Yes, a total Cassi."
by Lovely Locks August 14, 2009
1)The color of money, so obviously the best color EVER!

2)Very uncommon eye color. Those with green eyes are the most attractive and the least likely to admit it.
1)"Yo, show me some green."

2)"Your eyes aren't brown or blue, they're green."
by Lovely Locks August 14, 2009
Usually associated with Sherlock Holmes. Anyone with the name Watson, is very family oriented and will most likely kick your ass if you mess with them.
person 1-"Dude, did you see that guy get knocked the fuck out?"

person 2-"Awesome. He got Watsoned!"
by Lovely Locks August 14, 2009

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