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The best answer to a sexual or gross, etc. comment.
Amber: I'd love to take that boy home with me tonight.
Shantora & DeAsia: You nasty.
by LoveThoseBritishBoys October 24, 2010
When someone does something worthy of being broadcasted on YouTube.
Amber: OMG did you see that girl fall down the steps!?

Shantora: OMG what? No!

Amber: It was hilarious! It was straight YouTube!
by LoveThoseBritishBoys October 29, 2010
You are crushing hard on someone when another person informs you of something bad about your crush.
Amber: Wow! That British boy, Oliver, is sooooooo cute! I'd like to get at him!
Jessy: You do know it's not custom for British boys to be circumsized, right?
Amber: Oh...well that's a lust kill...
by LoveThoseBritishBoys October 23, 2010

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