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1 definition by LovableGoon

n. (From the Latin 'Jowus' meaning 'hairy' and 'Eppia' meaning 'stupid')
This rare long-furred creature is found usually in Cambridgeshire, England. Nobody is sure whther it is nocturnal or diurnal, as it thrives in both conditions. It spends a huge amount of time communicating with similar species via an intelligent long-range communication system. Often, a Jowep will travel with a Martman (Martmanimus Ohlookaferrarimydadwasgonnabuyoneofthemus) to a place near Priory Park known as James' house. Here they scavenge for food and fulfil their entertainment needs. Sometimes the Jowep will sleep, but iot needs just two hours per night.
"What the hell is wrong with that thing?" "Nothing, that's just a Jowep."
by LovableGoon December 07, 2004