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That fucking silly bastard derick nobcheese illustrates perfectly the way the english language endures bastardisation with his shit explanation of said word:

Atomic Kitten have bastardisation
a song again!
Apple have bastardisation
microsoft, or tried to.

See? The silly fucking dumb cunt.

Bastardisation, the process of, is a corrupted copy of a given original.
derick nobcheese is a bastardisation of a human being.
by Louseboy August 10, 2004
Unbelievable shithole in South Manchester where stoooodents dwell. Home to the legendary Gaff's off-licence and shit. And some top, medium and low quality kebab houses.
Fucking Fallowfield.
by Louseboy August 12, 2004
Found in environs such as universities, fallowfield, etc.

Stoooodents are pretentious cunts.
The community resident officer gaylord types of the Student Village. Drama students.
by Louseboy August 12, 2004
gay word used by a certain Z*b*r P*a*t*l to announce his hardening cock when he catches sight of either a man or himself in the mirror.
Raat. my name is Z*b*r P*a*t*l, and i've just seen myself in a mirror and/or an other man and now my cock is like a rod of iron. Raat.
by louseboy October 11, 2004
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