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Derived from the black & white movies of old when the ganster says to his 'moll' hey-ya toots... to which tutch has evolved as a term of indeerment a cute name for your beloved!
tutch means loved one
by lou September 21, 2004
What that stack of pancakes looks like.
Man, that stack of rocks sure is stratified.
by Lou December 09, 2003
it's a flufffy monster like something out of Monsters Inc crossed with
big bird from Sesame Street.....it's
also anothe word for a spliff..
'slollies in the bath' means getting wasted with your friends having a smoke, where as monsters in the bath means you're just pissed!
however, a slollied monster is when you are a right mess!
by lou December 10, 2003
Norse goddess of wisdom, beauty and femininity, used to describe a lovely looking lady that has all of these qualities.
Check out that bird, she's a burt. Hubba hubba
by Lou December 08, 2003
kaya is our daughters name
she is always on a high and we have heard that "kaya" means high!
kaya is a beautiful creature.With the greatist knowledge of music and all the love that anyone can take .
A lot of energy too much energy
kaya=beautiful creature with a lot of love for everything .
kaya=manipulater of parents to get her own way
kaya=musical master at 8 years old !
kaya= cool as a cucumber kid..
kaya=one in a million !
kaya= one of the greatest kids on this planet
by lou June 26, 2004
Cord A J Houle. really a nonsense word made from the acronym of my buddy's little bro. meant to sounds like a dirty word (cross between vag and cock) but is nonsense.
i'm gonna punch you in the cajh!
by lou February 03, 2004
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