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5 definitions by Lothario the Scandalous

Manual masturbation of the male organ.
I remember mangling the midget to this video.
by Lothario the Scandalous September 16, 2011
Nonexistant occupation (as of yet) that would appeal to a true lover of North American wildlife and a lazy person at that.
What's he doing all day? Watching TV? Playing video games?

Naah, he's a Moosecock Aerodynamics Tester, which for him is a full-time job.
by Lothario the Scandalous August 24, 2011
Prostitute terminology for giving golden showers or watersports.
"FS covered only, BBBJ with CIM 100 roses extra, spanish springs 150 roses extra. Other fetishes open to discussion, no Greek services, please don't ask"
by Lothario the Scandalous August 21, 2011
The act of aggressively licking a woman's ass.
When the tech is giving women "smog-checks", he's not working on their cars - he's licking their asses.
by Lothario the Scandalous August 16, 2011
Mafia expression for "He was met with a sudden and violent death".
"Hey, did any of you see Vinny? He went to Queens 2 days ago."
"Nah, Vinny bought a GM. He's gone."
"Oh, OK. Fuggedaboutit."
"Let's eat some pasta, my wife made this."
by Lothario the Scandalous June 05, 2014