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To vomit, throw up, or otherwise share the contents of your stomach with things and places which are not your stomach.
Every time Carlos Mencia steals a joke an angel vermits.
by Lothario November 19, 2006
Destvistockt, n.

1. Formal name given to the president of the official Linkin Park fan club after he or she is elected (December 1st) but before his or her term actually starts (January 10th).
We're going to try to impeach the destvistockt before his term begins, he has already gone through puberty. Therefore we feel he is unfit to represent the majority of the fanbase.
by Lothario January 15, 2007
Retordent, adj.

1. A Captain Haddockesque insult.

Such as, Odd-toed ungulate! Or, Two-timing Tartar Twisters!

Did he just call me a jellied eel? That is so retordent.
by Lothario January 14, 2007
Kliet, n.

1. A hybrid of cleats and kites, the very latest in footwear technology.
Ron got a new pair of Kliets, and flew to neptune on them. He was incinerated in the atmosphere.
by Lothario January 14, 2007
Miggt, adj.

1.Racist to the point of sexiness, so racist as to be sexy
Ann Coulter is so miggt, every time she talks about immigrants destroying our country I get half a stock.
by Lothario January 14, 2007
Glodlint, n.

1. A female capable of stealing time and money, much like a succubus steals souls, without any protest from the male.
Damn, did she really get Taylor to spend 7 hours on the phone with her each night for the past three weeks? What a glodlint.
by Lothario January 14, 2007
Prize, n.
1. Beautiful, like a prize-winning pig.
Rosie ODonnell is a real prize.
by Lothario November 19, 2006

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