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An online forum exclusively for members of the U.S. Democratic Party and those from the "left" side of the U.S. political spectrum. In the absence of outside conflict or critique, the forum isn't so much a place to develop political and philsophical savvy as much as simply a "hang out" spot to belittle conservatives, trumpet the successes of Democratic officials and candidates, and to serve as a social spot for like-minded people.
George W. Bush angers me! I'm going on Democratic Underground to vent and have fun.
by Lothar March 04, 2004
A Powerfull Mean Admin. He can delete you from forum in a second. He can make you like god, or totaly humiliate you. Hail to Him, and his Great Site - kurde.pl
Hail him, or we all shall die!
Children, don't masturbate, or Big Bad Szuflad will delete your profile on forum!
by Lothar December 29, 2004
This is an insult. The pejorative refers to an extremely stupid person who, while not actually having Down's Syndrome, has an intelligence equated to that of someone who suffers from that genetic ailment. It is usually used to attack someone who has made a grave error in speech or action, or holds beliefs or takes actions not to the insulter's liking.

Many would object to this term because of its implicit devaluing of persons with Down's Syndrome.
Goddamn it, you spilled hot coffee on my crotch, you fucking downsball!

Eddie likes Chevrolets and has been buying them for years. He's such a downsball in his taste in cars.
by Lothar February 28, 2005
Some kind of village idiot. And scientist report that he is a homo ass kid.
Hey, Corpse Fiend likes when he is pushing from a behind!
by Lothar August 31, 2004

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