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This is when a man (or sometimes woman) is bent over giving the man a blow job. While this is occurring the man/woman giving the blowjob is shitting. Simultaneously, the man receiving the blow job vomits down into the man/woman's ass crack causing a flood of vomit and shit to be flung from the anus.

*Someone who i well verse in being the bent over participant can suck vomit into the anus and then spray it out in a plethora of directions.
Ex. a man recieveing a bj vomits into the ass of the man or woman who is giving it while he or she shits, making her a Rumpelstiltskin
by Loss Prevention Officer July 21, 2011
When an Irish man has sexual intercourse with a woman until he is about to cum, and then stops. The female then clinches her vagina to make the mans penis explode.

No longer only for the Irish, but received it name as it was traditionally preformed by Irish woman who no longer wanted children from their husband.

patty- Irish
mayonnaise- Because that is all that is left afterwards.
My wife said she doesn't want any more children, I am afraid if i do not get a vasectomy she will give me a patty mayonnaise.
by Loss Prevention Officer August 02, 2011

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