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Alternate spelling of "Feds" in what is known as 'l33t' or leet slang internet langage.

Additionallty known as 'Elite F3dz' an online gaming group.
f3dz w3r3 411 0v3r t3h h4x0r
translation: feds were all over the hacker
by loser July 26, 2004
Kick ass movie, Kick ass soundtrack.
*Nothing's wrong with him you asshole. He's tweaking. Let him fuckin tweak!*
by loser December 30, 2003
a kick ass band, i luv em, and i dont think im punk coz i listen 2 it, im not an avril, i didnt take up skating coz i thought it was punk, and i dont wear baggy jeans, i just like the fuking music, so just coz they think theyre punk dont mean i think i am
nfg r tha bomb
by loser May 05, 2003
When one person smacks another.
No example available
by Loser February 18, 2005
DANCE PARTY is a hardcore band from auckland, new zealand, who play tuff breakdown-shoutout hardcore. The band is comprised of 6 key members, and plays in many combinations of these MONKEYATTACK - vocals RABBLE ROUSER - drums B UNIT - drums M THUG - guitars, bass xLOCOx - guitars, bass xBLOODNUTx - guitars xUNDERCUTx- bass, hardout man DANCE PARTY don't play many shows, but when they do, they leave with blood on the dancefloor and broken arms. DANCE PARTY thrives on wendys, the 4.50, salmas rasoi and anything free.
Cannibal Corpse, Cannibal Corpse, Cannibal Cannibal Cannibal Corpse
by loser March 21, 2005
(n.)- a silly name for a bitch
"Dude, you're such a bitech!"
by loser April 19, 2003
Term used to define Deercamp when he crawled under the school bleachers to get bj's "sack"...
what's that sick moaning coming from under the bleachers??? oh that's just Combat Chrissy
by Loser June 25, 2003

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