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29 definitions by Loser

A person who lives in a desert climate.
I'm not going to war for those sandmonkies!
by loser April 07, 2003
well, considering that a scenester is a person who dresses and acts in a prescribed fashion according to the music they listen to, and the word pseudo means false, then a pseudoscenester must be a person who appears to be a scenester, but is actually not
1. that guy is a scenester
2. no, he just looks like it
1. oh, so he's a pseudoscenester
by loser June 18, 2006
crazy ass bitch who laughs at the hanidcapped
*points and laughs at a cripple hitting a bus with his wheelchair
by Loser February 10, 2005
To exploit a bug in an online game, especially an MMORPG.
Dude quit 'sploitin the snare!
by Loser September 16, 2003
person with a really bad hairdo.
hee hee
by loser April 07, 2003
big fat woman that is ugly and easy
by Loser July 17, 2003
awesome indie band that uses 2 vocalists. one screaming one kind of singing.
BLACK EYES crazy ness
by loser November 11, 2004