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Term used to define Deercamp when he crawled under the school bleachers to get bj's "sack"...
what's that sick moaning coming from under the bleachers??? oh that's just Combat Chrissy
by Loser June 25, 2003
well, considering that a scenester is a person who dresses and acts in a prescribed fashion according to the music they listen to, and the word pseudo means false, then a pseudoscenester must be a person who appears to be a scenester, but is actually not
1. that guy is a scenester
2. no, he just looks like it
1. oh, so he's a pseudoscenester
by loser June 18, 2006
crazy ass bitch who laughs at the hanidcapped
*points and laughs at a cripple hitting a bus with his wheelchair
by Loser February 10, 2005
To exploit a bug in an online game, especially an MMORPG.
Dude quit 'sploitin the snare!
by Loser September 16, 2003
person with a really bad hairdo.
hee hee
by loser April 07, 2003
big fat woman that is ugly and easy
by Loser July 17, 2003
awesome indie band that uses 2 vocalists. one screaming one kind of singing.
BLACK EYES crazy ness
by loser November 11, 2004

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