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Span of time when you are supposed to be at your job and get your work done, but actually used to do several other activities non-work related.
Can you believe I'm paid 50 bucks an hour to post shit in the Urban Dictionary during company time?
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
The "outcome" of the ingestion of a gallon of liquor.
Damn tequila, always makes me barf on my bed in my sleep.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
(Literally) Junk Food restaurant. The crap they sell there shouldn't even be considered food, but since is too cheap, most rednecks and no-good bums eat their own shit there.

What is this shit? Ooh, It's MacDonalds

*Insert sound of someone eating his/her own vomit here*
by Lord Cthulhu July 21, 2003

Result of events that have a devastating effect on someone, usually an ill fate, a grim future, an unreversally bad condition, pain and / or death.

"Romeo and Juliet" play had a tragic ending
by Lord Cthulhu July 22, 2003

Information collected by a person and publicated on internet under the hypertext protocol, that can be viewed with a browser if redirected to the proper URL.

Have you checked the Stile Project web site? Man, it is pretty sick!
by Lord Cthulhu July 22, 2003
Group of persons that do the shit they do just because the others do so.
The people that post in the Urban Dick-tionary ARE the mob.
Myself included.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
The person up here was surely on crack...

A poodle is a hell beastling, shit maker, unstandable source of noise. Worthy to skin them alive.
I actually take pride of kicking motherfucking annoying poodles. I don't kick any other kind of puppies.
by Lord Cthulhu September 12, 2003
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