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8 definitions by Lor

an amazing movie and a beautiful love story...The acting and singing are awesome, and the choreography is unbelievable.
Moulin Rouge is a great (but sad) movie. Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman's acting/singing is perfection!
by Lor September 03, 2005
the hot-ass man that plays the Gondorian King and the cowboy AND that sexy artist dude (A Perfect Murder)See also: viggolicious
Viggo is SO damn sexy!!
by Lor June 30, 2004
one who likes and listens to ska music
by lor September 21, 2003
Word when used, discredits and/or contradicts what was previously said.
"I hate that movie"
(Implied: "Nah I liked it.")
by Lor April 21, 2005
one who wears their hair in a high pony tail on their head (some times in a bun).
Often of the "popular crowd"
by lor September 21, 2003
a trouble maker
by lor September 21, 2003
extremley cool
that is so smote!
by lor September 21, 2003