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The area of the male body where the scrotum meets the groin.

Do not be confused and think the scroin is the taint, they are two seperate and district parts. Why do you think it is Lever 2000 and not Lever 200!
How's bout you lick the fumunda from ma scroin, boya.
by Loose Goose April 03, 2006
A woman who is giving a man a blowjob while she is growing a tail(taking a dump).

See also grumpy munchkin.

I understand your sister was quite the angry gremlin last night when she hogged down a cock in the mens' room.
by Loose Goose April 03, 2006
1. Synonym for Doggy Style, when a man enters a woman while she is on all fours. The man can clearly differentiate Donkey Style from Doggy Style for his woman by releasing a loud "HEEE HAWW" when he comes.

2. Synonym for High School Sex, anal sex, taking it in the poop schute, etc. Donkey Style - Ass Style - Burro Style - they're all the same.
1. He bent her over and gave it to her Donkey Style!

2. Shawn: "Hey baby, you know I love you, won't you let me just stick it in once"

Samwise (blushing): "Shawn, We are only in high school, you know the rules."

Shawn: "I know, I'll do you Donkey Style, now spread your butt"
by Loose Goose July 29, 2005
Similar to your old fasioned malt shop, but located right here in my pants. Serving up Protein Shakes since 1992. Certainly a favorite with the ladies.

Franchises are available, but royalties must be paid to the original owners of the first two Spurt N' Slurps. Said royalties may be paid by franchisee in cash or other booty which may be deemed acceptable by franchisor.
Hey girls, why go to Steak N Shake when you can get the shake you really want without even leaving the house. Come on down to the Spurt N Slurp.
by Loose Goose April 03, 2006
A shot of cum!

There is the same amount of protein in a shot of cum as there is in a porkchop, it was on Oprah, so its gotta be true.
See honey, even Oprah thinks you should swallow, she said that there is the same amount of protein in a shot of cum as there is in a porkchop. Now you can stay slim and still get the protein you need! That Oprah slimmed down alot so she must practice what she preaches.
by Loose Goose April 03, 2006
A large belly, similar to a beer belly, but quite a bit better. This form of belly actually all turns into dick after midnight!
Never under-estimate the portly man, he may have a Cinderella Belly and oh what a surprise after midnight!
by Loose Goose April 03, 2006
Similar to FUPA, but this is simply a contraction of the words FAT and BACK.
Look at the FACK on that, is that the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
by Loose Goose August 03, 2005
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