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Collection of psychotic artists, inhabited by an orphaned octopus and a penguin chef currently out of work. Formerly owned by the art gods Naska and JK, currently MIA.
"Why is there an eggplant in my soup?"
"Waitress, the octopus is sludging on the menus."
by Loo February 17, 2005
eine ganz besondere spezies der cs gamer! abzusehen von mäßig vorhandenem skill ist dies ein außergewöhnlich mitteilungsbedürftiges wesen! Sein drang einem Gegner oder auch Mitspieler seine Meinung zu unterbreiten ist nicht zuletzt charakteristisch für ihn!
tock tock tock, 3 header oreca tot
"EY LOL, der hat an, interp, flashhack, einfach alles"
by Loo October 31, 2004
I man who acts like a women so he can feel like someone likes him.
Billy plays online games so he can act like a girl, so people will like him.
by Loo May 10, 2003
One who masters all things pretty and pony like.
Nilhem say pretty pink ponys again!!
by Loo July 24, 2003
this was formed due to a survey that said when polled most people who say LOL on AIM are really just giving an appreaciative chuckle (AC)
AC yeah it was funny when the giant plane dropped millions of carrots on your head.
by Loo July 24, 2003
Ditzy,annoying,and oblivious to the world around them.Usually very hyperactive,has no personality and often watches "bring it on"and "legally blonde"
WTF! danielle quit being so damned blonde!!
by Loo November 17, 2003

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