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(in-tur-vess-tite) noun - a person on the internet who poses to be of the opposite sex that they actually are.
Johnny Twobags - Hey man, how did that date go with the internet chick?

Mr. Dopey - Oh man, terrible, total intervestite. Turned out she was a 40 year old fat guy named Carl

Johnny Twobags - Shitty.
by Lonus the Terror March 10, 2007
(nin-juh up) verb. The act of tying a black t-shirt to ones face and doint subversive activities. Usually used when stealing cigarettes or blowing up peoples cars.
Johnny Twobags - Man, Ame has a pack of Newports, but shes asleep and I'd have to crawl over her.

Mr. Dopey - You'd better ninja up and do that shit

*Johnny Twobags ties his shirt up and backflips off the ceiling.
by Lonus the Terror March 11, 2007

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