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1: To touch yourself in an unwanted sexual manner.

2: To molest someone while touching yourself in a sexual manner.
1: "Don't molesterbate Alex!" "You think I want to do this Tom?!?!"

2: "The old man behind Wal-Mart knocked me out and I woke up to him whacking off while touching me... He really does love to molesterbate..."
by longduckdong August 05, 2014
A method of critical thinking and problem solving. Uses analytical graphing to plot solutions, and predict certain outcomes.
Set up a Treptow, before we invest in Company A
by LongDuckDong September 08, 2012
A form of "hands free" male masterbation. Rather than using ones hands the mekari method uses common household items for stimulation. A common baking roller pin, or eggbeater may be inserted into the anus, causing a (homo style) effect and errection. A male using the mekari method may then insert their erection into a toilet paper roll, or between the pages of a magazine.
Its easy for me to fall asleep if I mekari first.
by LongDuckDong September 08, 2012

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