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2 definitions by Lollitron

Derived from Emo and Moderator.

The emotional member of the staff on any given internet forum. Often a young, cherubish man with soft eyes. Emods are typically into experimental films and music that has a touch of nostalgia.
<user_o> every tracker needs an EMO on the staff role!

<user_V> the socalled emod..
by Lollitron October 20, 2009
Person: Rather spiffy bloke known to hang out in the more exclusive parts of the internet. If you meet him, make sure to pay him your respect and maybe paypal him a donation.

Noun: Because of his slick style and woman-eating ways, the word metatron can be used to describe a "cool cat" kind of person.

Verb: Due to his unmatched wit, the word metatron can be used as a verb in describing verbally crushing and leaving behind an opponent in an internet debate.
Noun: Daym he pulled a metatron last night in chat, it was awsum!

Verb: lolz he totally metatroned the debate last night, metatroning all other debatteurs.
by Lollitron September 04, 2009