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A term which denotes where you hail from, or in reference to your neighborhood. It is meant to be used with pride, similar to 'hood.
Where you think you at nigguh, this is our goondock motherfucka
by LokiHavok April 13, 2006
Monetary profit from the sale of narcotics, prostitution,illegal firearms, or other illegal activities
In which has to be laundered.
Dude I ain't taking that cash, that shit's dogmoney.
by LokiHavok April 12, 2006
someone who has an unruly obsession with the 80's teen flick, The Goonies.
Zeke: Is Jason hangin' with us tonite?

Tim: NAw you know him, hes goin with his Friday night tradition and watching that movie the Goonies.

Zeke: Oh what a shame, that kid is such a goonhead
by LokiHavok April 13, 2006

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