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The act of observing the differences and making distinctions between multiple objects, groups, people, ect.
Federal law requires retailers to discriminate between persons under the age of 18, and person 18 and over when selling firearms.

Bob used the large signs outside each of the 2 gas stations when he was attempting to discriminate which station sold cheaper gas.

Keisha was practicing discrimination when she chose chocolate ice cream over the haggis flavoered ice cream
by Logic May 08, 2006
It means the gubment.

The state = most modern people's god
The world is gay...............
by Logic March 13, 2005
SCIENCE....."SHOULD" be open to the concept that there might be a god.

Atheists claim to favor science.

Atheists....."SHOULD" be open to the possibility that god might exist.

by Logic March 13, 2005
To worship the state,the science,and the self.

To be so certain that there is no god even though their beloved science cannot prove that there is no god.(See;closed minded)
"Who knows what wonders science will be able to one day prove?"

^Hmmm,interesting sentence there isn't it? See; faith

think.....why close the doors on possibilites?

How far would science have gotten if scientists simply thought certain concepts to be too fantastic to be worthy of investigation and just discarded them out-of-hand?

To fully reject the notion that god might exist without even investigating the possibility would be unscientific.

Sound rational?
by Logic March 13, 2005
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