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4 definitions by Logan Donoughe

A group of people acting like President George w. Bush. Sometimes for a short period of time, sometimes a long one. You would usually try to get away from them because they're acting like idiots.
Man look at those Bushians over there!
by Logan Donoughe February 21, 2006
A cool place, home to a high school, 5 elementary schools, and 1 middle school. Known as B-game and jokingly the ghetto of Hillsborough because it's really not even close to a ghetto. It's located in the bay area of California. Is were the Hillsborough kids shop even though they think their better than Burlingame kids most of the time.
Dude, we were chillin' in Burlingame the other day...
by Logan Donoughe February 21, 2006
Someone who is a novice at yo-yo-ing or new to it this year or past couple months. Also used to refer to someone you don't want to hang out with. So far only used at my school.
Dude, look at that clown over there trying to yo-yo!
by Logan Donoughe February 10, 2006
One of the best computer makers, they also make the Ipod which is very popular.
Man my apple computer own windows.
by Logan Donoughe February 21, 2006