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4 definitions by Logan Cisewski

The act of placing someone horizontally onto a cherry picker and while wearing a body condom, being repeatedly inserted and slid inside a female elephants vagina or ass.
Last night I found skinny ass Braxton and gave him an eledunk he would never forget.
by Logan Cisewski May 02, 2005
The act of placing either your fore finger, or your index finger into your butthole and sliding it across or under someones nasal area, hopefully getting caught in their mustasche region. Causing the smell to get stuck on the hair.
Billy gave Bobby a wicked ass berona, after he had not showered in a week.
by Logan Cisewski May 02, 2005
Any person girl who has red or seemingly red hair (orange counts).

Also someone with brunette hair, but orange/red pubic hair.
def1- Man I wish I could get myself a slutty little ginger, their so hot.

def2- Holy shit guys i forget to tell you guys about Christie, shes a fucking ginger!
by Logan Cisewski June 11, 2005
Not only an expensive brandname, but also an extremely provacative tennis serve. This is usually used by female tennis players to give male tennis players peculiar sized erections in their tight tennis shorts.
Tennis1: Dude you see that hot chick up their who's like 14?
Tennis2: Yea Dude!
Tennis1: Oh my god dude she gave our 50 yearold tennis coach a viagra boner.
Tennis2: Holy Shit! How?
Tennis1: It's gotta be the louis vuitton
by Logan Cisewski June 11, 2005