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When you're jacking off and as you cum, a girl runs up and supermans (jumps) into it.
The other night I was waiting and getting ready for her and as i was about to bust a nut, I gave her a Superman Special. She is my Lois Lane.
by Lockmastr June 02, 2010
Take eight fingers and dip them in nacho cheese, then finger a girl. Afterward, have her lick whatever is on you fingers off.
Hey bro, last weekend was the BOMB. I gave yuhr sister a cheesy octopus. Give her a week and her taste buds will be back in que.
by Lockmastr June 02, 2010
Scratch up a girls face, then jizz in her cuts. And then wrap her face in toilet paper as you are fucking her pussy.
This chick I picked up from the bar had a rude awakening after she found out she was about to become a Freddy Krueger Mummy.
by Lockmastr June 02, 2010
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