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5 definitions by Locker420

1. (n) a religious conservative.
The rilcons believe that homosexuality is a personal choice that can be corrected or cured.
by Locker420 July 08, 2011
12 5
1. (n) the act of flipping your lights from 18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness to 12 hours of light/12 hours of darkness while growing marijuana to induce flowering.
D: How much higher have your Northern Lights clones grown since The Flip?
C: They were 30 inches when I flipped and are now 50 inches tall.
by Locker420 February 08, 2011
6 3
Abbreviation: Read Your Fucking Email
John: Mark, where are my spreadsheets? I've been waiting over an hour!
Mark: RYFE
by Locker420 August 09, 2011
4 2
1. (n) the act of having sex using Skype

This term allows today's youth to explain modern methods of long distance sex to clueless old people.
D: You might get lucky and she'll have phone sex with you.
C: We got webcams now old timer. I'll be Skyping with her later tonight.
by Locker420 January 22, 2011
21 19
1. (n) a fact or story about marijuana cultivation with little or no supporting evidence that spreads spontaneously via various forms of communication. Normally but not always false.
Arnold: I heard you should give your plants 12 to 48 hours of darkness before you harvest.
Beanbag: No man that's a herbin legend. Harvest right before the lights go off to get one more day of resin production.
by Locker420 April 27, 2011
2 2