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1. (n) a religious conservative.
The rilcons believe that homosexuality is a personal choice that can be corrected or cured.
by Locker420 July 08, 2011
Abbreviation: Read Your Fucking Email
John: Mark, where are my spreadsheets? I've been waiting over an hour!
Mark: RYFE
by Locker420 August 09, 2011
1. (n) the act of flipping your lights from 18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness to 12 hours of light/12 hours of darkness while growing marijuana to induce flowering.
D: How much higher have your Northern Lights clones grown since The Flip?
C: They were 30 inches when I flipped and are now 50 inches tall.
by Locker420 February 08, 2011
1. (n) the act of having sex using Skype

This term allows today's youth to explain modern methods of long distance sex to clueless old people.
D: You might get lucky and she'll have phone sex with you.
C: We got webcams now old timer. I'll be Skyping with her later tonight.
by Locker420 January 22, 2011
1. (n) a fact or story about marijuana cultivation with little or no supporting evidence that spreads spontaneously via various forms of communication. Normally but not always false.
Arnold: I heard you should give your plants 12 to 48 hours of darkness before you harvest.
Beanbag: No man that's a herbin legend. Harvest right before the lights go off to get one more day of resin production.
by Locker420 April 27, 2011

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