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a pussy with a five o'clock shadow
I think I got a rash from her thistle pie
by LocalHero June 02, 2005
small amount of skin that between the pussy and the asshole
cuzif it wasn't there it would be one big hole.
by LocalHero June 02, 2005
The pungent aroma of a fart that slips past a turd, which puts a smile on your face and the look of disgust on others.
I was sitting in the middle row of a packed house in church, touching cloth, percolating, suspecting the inevitable uncontrollable dropping of pre-shit farts. I looked around in joyful disbelief at the flatuessence of the situation, I was now alone sitting in my own pew.
by LocalHero June 28, 2007
turd that hangs from you shitter by a couple of threads of spent food.
Honey grab me the scissors, I need to cut this dangling ass puppet.
by LocalHero June 02, 2005
Being completely clueless in every aspect of life. A benbro can not hear worth a shit and lacks the ability to speak a complete sentence. A benbro is complete garbage when it comes to Gears of War.
Kyle- Hey Trevor wanna play basketball?
Trevor-Huh? What did you say?
Kyle- God your such a Benbro!
by LOCALHERO June 08, 2013

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