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cum, semen, ejaculate
i shot my weiner gleak everywhere
by LOAF March 23, 2005
The god of a magical place of online entertainment for enlightened technicaly adept adults (students premitted before 9 with ID)
Hawkies world Rocks.

Howkies, the place to be when it's raining.
by Loaf April 29, 2004
adjective describing cute young Afghan chicks
"Here comes lil mooshie! Check her out, she's so cute!"
by Loaf April 20, 2005
To soil ones underware.
Had a fart earlier but it turned into a soding brown out. :(
by Loaf May 22, 2004
Derived from the latin "Ceer" meaning "Man with micropscopic penis who interferes with gerbils"
Look at that transvestite guy over there, he's molesting a goat....bloody Sear
by Loaf October 17, 2003
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