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To be badly defeated at something
I got murked by that dude in the race. His car is like 100mph faster than mine.
by Logik June 21, 2004
l33t terms for a hoe or whore
ur such a h03.
by logik June 28, 2003
If you have "shot" something you have either:
1. Had a gun in condition zero and pulled the trigger on the object or
2. Sold something.
1. "I shot that cann off the wall"

A) I shot them CD's to some fool!
B) I'm gonna shot anything I can till I got enough for my new car
by Logik June 16, 2004
when you dont want to keep someones name private in a discussion
'oh boy' be talkin soo mcuh shit, he said "the only peep deanne likes r black guys"
by LoGiK December 15, 2003
To defeat someone to the point that they should never show their face again.
I murked dat brere on tha mic the otha day. rude bwoi culdnt spit for shit
by Logik June 21, 2004
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