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Calliope projects in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. C-murder, Master-P, Silkk the Shocker, and the Neville Brothers are all from Calliope.
"Knuckle up nigga, knuckle up nigga
I'm a Calliope nigga now what nigga
I say boot up or shut up or
bitch get cha life lit up
Yeah ya heard me
Where they at, where they at, where they at nigga
Get the gat, get the gat, get the gat nigga
Ain't no nigga like a Calliope nigga
Cuz a Calliope nigga is the shit
Ain't no nigga like a no limit nigga
Don't start no shit won't be no shit
I said bitch get off me, bitch get
off me (take it outside)
Them hoes, hoes ain't nothin but hoes"
"That Calliope" C-Murder
by LoBacot October 31, 2008

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