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A well educated nigga.
That nigga is such a blackademic.
by lkdzzbls August 31, 2010
When a man massages the inside of a woman's vagina with the outside of his penis.
Hey baby! I'd love to give you a penisage.
by lkdzzbls September 09, 2010
The part of the butt crack that tapers into one's back. An area of the body that is frequently missed when washing often leading to an enormous build-up of crack cheese and crack gas. Particulate matter from shit ramp buildup is often expressed from the body by powerful farts.
Dude! Go scrub your shit ramp!
by LkDzzBls July 30, 2010
A black nerd.
Black Person #1 - I think the key to middle east peace is a two state solution.

Person #2 - Nigga, you a berd!
by lkdzzbls September 09, 2010
The burning, itching feeling in your brown eye when you haven't wiped your ass very well.
I ran out of toilet paper and now have a scorching case of lack-a-wipe.
by LkDzzBls August 11, 2010
The actual substance that causes the itchy, burning feeling in your brown eye (aka lack-a-wipe).
I'm suffering from a terrible case of lack-a-wipe, and need to get this starfish custard out of my anus.
by LkDzzBls August 11, 2010
The god of misery.
My dick just got caught in my zipper. FUCK YOU NORDAK!
by LkDzzBls August 10, 2010
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