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Means almost anything you want it to mean, usually to annoy the person you are talking to because it has no real definition.
So do you want to go out back and honky-donkey?

I can't believe she did that, that is so honky-donkey!
by Liz December 24, 2004
a sound used to express confusion or lack of knowledge
a:who is that? and what are they doing?
b: *merph?*
by liz January 07, 2004
when something is especially sketchy, it is referred to as a sketch-fest
what? he had sex with his cousin? , definitely a sketchfest
by Liz December 02, 2003
A room, usually in bigger houses, that is set away to entertain geusts.
Small, private lounge room

Most likley found in an older or bigger/fancier house
We were sipping tea in the parlor with the captain and his wife.
by Liz December 25, 2003
The combination of a wigger and a punker
Look at that wigunker with the mohawk and the bling bling!
by Liz March 13, 2004
A term developed and commonly applied to sites where the words Yaoi, slash, shonen-ai, and the such have been banned. Love between two males characters, weather in a RP or a fanfiction, or some other work. Usually denotes PG-13 or lower, but can also imply higher rating content.
You should really read 'Painted Sky', boyluff at it's best, a nice slightly fluffy Seto/Otogi.
by Liz February 26, 2005
another word for tampon
Hey, do any of you girls happen to have a crotch stick?
by Liz March 25, 2005

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