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An exclamation, see oh my god. The way people with Long Island accents say oh my god, or those making fun of them
I can't believe that! OH MY GAWD!
by Liz March 05, 2004
mocking around; a term used when someone's doing something unproductive
stop dicking around.
by liz October 30, 2003
Jackass who likes to place blame where it does not belong. I'm assuming he does this for attention. I must admit though he does have a shit load of talent.
I love the song gold digger by kanye west; however, that stunt he pulled, "george bush does not care about black people", was completley uncalled for.
by liz May 13, 2006
Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males or two females are in a relationship or together.
Kirk and Spock were the first slash fanfiction pairing.
by liz March 06, 2005
Any and all persons residing in, and sometimes near, the west county area of St. Louis, MO. These people genuinely believe that they are smarter, better looking, funnier, and all around better then everyone else on the face of the earth. In actuality they are sadly mistaken.
Look there is a herd of west county snobs decked out in their Northface coats and fanny packs and birkenstock clogs. They are all listening to Dave Matthews.
by Liz October 18, 2004
"You fuck hedgehogs" in polish
Doesn't it speak for itself?

Jebiesz jeze!
by Liz January 09, 2004
really lame. as in hardxcore + lame.
only lamexcore kids listen to creed.
by liz January 16, 2005

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