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one about to be inprisoned in a life of pain.
My son's bride isn't too lucky.
by Liz January 05, 2004
1. The noise you make when someone drops an ice cube in your pants. Or you find the Holy Spirit. Whichever.

2. A long, drawn-out pleasurable sigh resulting from either orgasm or really really good gossip
1. OH! You fucker, stop dropping ice down my pants!

2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. He really asked her out?
by Liz November 20, 2003
the flat area between the butthole and the scrotum... very arrousable place
i touched his patio and he went boom
by Liz January 21, 2003
What middle-aged men that are going bald do to "camoflauge" their big gaping bald spot. Not very sucsessful
Why do people think comb-overs make them look less bald?
by Liz December 25, 2003
a town (exit 10 on Turnpike, 131 on Parkway) of about 13,000 in Central New Jersey where no crazy party should ever be held because of the small population and close proximity to police and/or bitchy neighbors
Ew! You get your underwear in the dollar or less basement of Variety Village in Metuchen? You skank!
by Liz March 27, 2005
I grew up in Binghamton, how do you think I feel? I KNOW this place sucks and yet it is still my hometown. Not something I am proud to admit. The only thing that we can claim to have here is... well not too damn much once I think about it. And for those of you who move to Binghamton from other places, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? Go home now while you still have the chance!!!! I mean seriously, Binghamton is the second cloudiest area in all of the United States, and its defiantely true. I mean we are lucky to have maybe 30 sunny days a year. Who the fuck in their right mind would want to move here from somewhere else? Not me.
Binghamton sucks, move to Florida where it is actually warm in June.
by Liz November 13, 2004
They're an awesome band! the album absoulutely rocks and i definately don't regret spendin my last tenner on it! Anyone who hates them has absoulutely NO taste in music! So all in all they're brilliant but I do suppose they could be cuter-but hey who cares about that when they've got bags full of talent!
"Guilty woah guilty i feel so empty yeah empty you know how to make me feel"
by Liz October 16, 2004
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