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the instant of knowledge when one becomes deeply aware that there is pure evil fuckery afoot.
She knew something was hinky when her husband returned from the store without his underwear...
by Lisa Shields August 18, 2004
(or "Pulling a Vanessa")

When a public figure acts one way, knowing somewhere in the back of their mind that there is evidence of substance suggesting something WAY different about their private life.
The Classic was done by Vanessa Williams, who while seeking the crown of Miss America back in the 80's, somehow forgot that she had posed for some seriously explicit pics with another woman...not quite the squeaky clean, all american chick image they were trying for. Not just nekkid...ACTION shots.

Hence a public figure who has established a career based on morality, then is revealed to have a strong attraction to rubber ducks...a VERY strong attraction...could be known as "Pulling a Vanessa". Only usually, they don't sing as well...
#vanessa #politics #public figures #embarassment #politicians #dirty laundry
by Lisa Shields March 09, 2007
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