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2 definitions by Linxan

A term to describe a person who has failed to update their blog for an unusually long period of time.
May be used more generally to describe a similar failure to attend to email, social networking sites, etc.
She seems to have gone inblognito. I haven't seen her on LJ recently.
by Linxan March 19, 2009
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(verb): to knock, pound, or rap on a wall, floor, or ceiling, whether manually or with an object, in response to undesired sound coming from the other side.

(noun): an act or instance of "knocking back" in response to such a noise.
(verb) Geez, it's 1 AM and their stereo is still blaring. I've gotta knockback.

(noun) They gave us the knockback until we quieted down.
by Linxan August 14, 2009
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