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the boundary of a black hole at which nothing can escape
If you are in an event horizon send me a postcard.
by Linux System Message March 26, 2004
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
You know what? Christians are right, I mean why should us atheists care about two simple words? Well, how about we turn the situation around on you. How about we change the pledge to say "One Nation, under a non-existent God" instead? Now you can not make a big deal about it and now you can 'just not say it'.
by Linux System Message January 17, 2005
The single greatest Quarterback to ever play american football.
Johnny Unitas held almost every QB record until that punk shit Marino stole them from him.
by Linux System Message February 29, 2004
The best band in the History of the world.
#1) PM5K
#2) Tenacious D
#3) There is no #3, every other band is crap.
by Linux System Message March 29, 2004
According to FUH2.com:

The H2 is "the ultimate poseur vehicle", "a gas guzzler", "a polluter", "a death machine", and "a tax loophole"
Anyone who drives a Hummer is compensating for somthing. Excluding Bam Margera who got paid to drive one in "Viva la Bam" by the Hummer company.
by Linux System Message February 29, 2004
A game you should never play. It may seem fun at first but after 2 years you will say to yourself "Holy Shit! This game blows!".
Runescape is a game run by middle school kids because they don't halfto get off thier lazy asses and get a job at CVS, which you will in turn get fired from for no god damn reason.
by Linux System Message March 05, 2004
An awesome team that every incoherent, dumbass, po-dunk, redneck seems to think sucks. Big fucking deal if they had a bad year, lets see your inbred team do good with over 1/2 thier starters hurt.
49er fan: The Fortay-Niners are fabulous!!1111

Jet fan: Hey, yous Raiders betters shuts yous faces before I kills yous.

Buck fan: What! We've only had 6 winning seasons in 28 years?! We DO suck!
by Linux System Message April 03, 2004
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