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5 definitions by Linus

One of Houston's finest rappers with mad crazy skills. His recent deal with Pharrell and the Neptunes allowed him to exapand his fanbase beyond the borders of H-Town. His solo debut album "Already Platinum" should hit stores in May of 2005.
By signing Slim Thug, Pharrell was able to put himself back on the map.

Slim Thug is a hardcore BOSS. He won't ever fall off the map like that other H-Town rapper...Lil Flip
by linus April 18, 2005
A scene that sucks beyond expectations.
I was so bored last night. The bar was a real philosophy student party.
by Linus November 04, 2003
A person who Drazic/Sickboy pretends to get all angry over, but in fact is secretly in love with him.
MackemMan: *entercomplsivelie*
Draz: (in his head) I l*ve you.
by Linus March 03, 2005
poop on a stick
by linus November 04, 2003
An anglo-norwegian collection of wrestling fans, forced together by their love of the old US terriotorial system and its spiritual heirs in today's industry. Better than you.
Man, those RIM guys really know their wrestling.
by Linus January 06, 2005