Used as an interjection when all other phrases are simply inadequate in expressing one's feelings.
Person A: Sorry, I can't come over and give you the math answers, my bulimic hedgehog just barfed all over my floor.
Person B: Poop on a stick.
by aintnohollabackgurl January 23, 2011
An exclamation that takes the place of "Oh crap!"
Oh poop on a stick!!! I just spilled my drink!
by 123454323 June 18, 2006
It's poop....on a stick
i was walking down the street and i found poop on a stick
you can't just find poop and put it on any ol' stick it comes prepared
by maria June 17, 2006
v. to defecate or shit on someone's penis.
n. 1. shit on a penis
2. shit on a stick
"Dude, that bitch fuckin' pooped on my stick when I pulled out."

"Martha left some poop on the stick last night."

"Jimmy and I found some poop on a stick in the forest."
by drdra October 30, 2006
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