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The second rarest eye color. 1.Green Eyes 2.Blue Eyes 3.Brown Eyes
no example for blue eyes
by Link972 December 09, 2009
Mwa Mwa Penguins(or club penguin bay bees) is a group of adult penguins who like to think they are babies who cry so much because they were spoilt as children and never grew up, every now and then some penguin comes and shakes some sense into them by shouting at and attacking them, the mwa mwa penguins then proceed to call the attacker a "meanie" then the pet shop owner comes and kicks them out of the pet shop for scaring away customers, then Everyone could actualy buy a puffle instead of bieng harrased by these gits, the only thing there good at is bieng stupid and bieng SO BLOOMING ANNOYING They were created by A youtuber named SpCpGirl51960.
club penguin baby:goo goo goo goo goo! penguin:SHUT UP *cocks gun* club penguin baby:goo-*gunshot*
by Link972 December 09, 2009
The people who failed in life and hate to work. They can be found in streets. In the winter many of them die in the cold. People in the Christian religion usually try to help them by making a donating station, but only very few of them do.
A homeless doesn't like to work and therefore, they can't buy a house.
by Link972 December 29, 2009

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