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A term used when 2 or more parties of either sex share a positive opinion.
This is some damn good pie.
Yeah buddy!
by Linalin January 30, 2009
An insult used to emasculate men. It combines two of the greatest oppositions to hetero-males, homosexuality and things that are cute and fluffy. It is most effective against males who claim to be heterosexual, yet engage frequently in questionable acts, and least effective against those who are actually gay.
Today, I caught my brother using my eyeliner.
by Linalin January 30, 2009
A form of gaydar most commonly, but not always found in persons with ambiguous sexuality or faghags. It does have glitches and occassionaly fails, specifically with short-term scans such as 'first glance'. It's two main functions include a shock absorber for when someone comes out of the closet and finding potential hook-ups for one's gay counterpart.
My coming out doesn't surprise you?
No, my gaydar BETA picked up on that years ago.
by Linalin February 25, 2009
The non-religious equivalent of a Bible Thumper. One who must consult the "all mighty" Shonen Jump before deciding on whether or not they like a series. Approach with caution, those who do not also worship the Shonen Jump will be preached to until their minds implode.

Not all narutards are Shonen Jumpers, but all Shonen Jumpers are narutards.
"I was at Borders today and a Shonen Jumper was salivating all over the 'b' manga section. Thank goodness Battle Royale is shrink-wrapped."
by Linalin January 24, 2009
Whereas homoerotic is considered to be only guyxguy because girlxgirl is generally considered to be just erotic, lesborotic also carries the negative girlxgirl social stigma. Basically, some girls will not compliment other girls' physical features because of the fear they'd seem to be a lesbian.
I was going to compliment you on your weight loss, but I didn't want it to be lesborotic.
by Linalin April 22, 2009
A person who has not had any interpersonal sexual contact yet conceives promiscuous thoughts in greater detail and frequency than one who has. It is commonly believed that pervirgins come into being due to the build up of sexual energy. There are certain pervirgins who actually choose to remain celibate for whatever reasons.
That pervirgin is an abstinent mind fuck.
by Linalin August 30, 2009

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