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if you are a Kesbian, you have most likely slept in the rightful home of Kes, The Kesidential Palace

A Kesbian is someone who appreciates the many fine qualities of Kes (or The Kesident or any derivatives of Kes).

Sometimes the question is posed, what is the exact sexual preference of a Kesbian? Of course, any Kesbian's first preference is Kes. As Kes can not satisfy the sexual desires of every person in the world though, when frustrated a Kesbian can and should resort to their second preference (typically any other male or female in the world).
Not sure if kesbianism is a religion as much as a way of life... a dirty dirty way of life
You know your a Kesbian if you have ever been Kes' big spoon.
by Lin-ZKesbian December 19, 2008

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