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a person hu seriously believes the jets are a decent football team. they show their pride by wearing jets jerseys to school even after loses. they even go so far as to waste 5 dollars in a football pool by picking the jets to beat the chargers
Mark Kramer asian, Jon Panarella boyish charm, Joe Pollack faggot
by Limz January 07, 2005
a factor that cannot be shut down especially when it lacks spectacles. usually cause problems with people named praveen.
Bryan Mahoney...despite his love for reading Bryan is able to keep up the mahoney factor. girls named alison are especially in danger of this factor and should watch out
by Limz January 07, 2005
a very naughty extremly fat thing. sometimes wears jersey with last name on back but numbers and letters lok too small due to extremely large size. professional eater; glutton. founder of advanced placement lunch
ex 1) The whale was a REXXX and made love to another exremely unattractive whale.
ex 2) The REXXX and the chormander are two animals that are very hard to miss not just because of their enormous sizes but also because of their repulsive odors.
by Limz January 07, 2005
a sex appeal trait used by 13 year olds to screw up chances with very hot girls. although the ladies cannot resist, those hu posses the charm usually do not kno how to use it properly. date ppl ur own age.
Jon Panarella faggot
by Limz January 07, 2005
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