40 definitions by LilJOnWhattt

To eat a huge pussy afro of pubic hair you call it lickin bush
Man Lickin bush is sick. Girls should shave.
by LilJOnWhattt July 15, 2005
Bodily waste of varying color, viscosity, shape, odor and texture. Usually exits the body through your pooper, speed, noise and degree of pain may vary depending on what you ate. Poop is not consistent.
Poo comes and goes and smells gross
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
a singer/songwriter that died from aids. Had songs such as Baby don't forget my number and Wanna get With you.
Shaun TC will be remembered forever RIP
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
to have 2 identities. A real one and a fake one. The fake one is the fencic.
On fight club he had 2 indentities Himself and Tyler Durdam which is the fencic
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
the poo that hangs on to your bum while going poo.
Last night while I was going poo I had a poo crustation stick to my bum
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
to ejaculate onto someone or something
Last night I went skeet skeet skeet on my girlfriend
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
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