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Death Too Muff Rat
A saying to dump your girlfriend if she has a big muff
Hey Kirsty D2MR bitch
by LilJOnwhattt June 29, 2005
When your running away from the cops and you want to run away you yell out BOOKA T. To Book it
Oh shit the police BOOKA T
by LilJOnwhattt June 29, 2005
to act crazy and crunk. Jump around scream Lil Jon.
Man that guys got keebs
by LilJOnwhattt June 09, 2005
A person who screwed up a party, shindig, hoe-down, social gathering, etc.
D2MR!!! Death to Muff Rat
by LilJOnwhattt June 30, 2005
To pull an ecclestone is to act in a homosexual way. To act gay by touching and feeling men and talking in a gay manour
That guy just pulled an ecclestone on me.
by LilJOnwhattt June 29, 2005
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