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World's best band. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr-the quartet who through their music changed the world! John founded the first line up in 1957; Ringo joined in August of 1962 and the band broke up in 1970. They had many hits; several movies (A Hard Day's Night, 1964, Help! 1965, Yellow Submarine, 1968 and Let it Be 1970). Each Beatle has had a successful solo career. John Lennon was shot to death on December 8, 1980. George Harrison died from cancer on November 29, 2001.
The Beatles rule and will continue to influence all phases of culture and all artistic expressions. The Beatles rule!Ain't NOBODY could touch them! Only a fool would think anybody could EVER top the Beatles!
by Lil Ringo November 06, 2007
Nancy Spungen (1958-1978) was from Philadelphia. She was born cyanotic and, based on descriptions of her behavior and diagnoses provided in Deborah Spungen's book, probably psychotic.

Nancy spent 1977-78 in England and it was there she met Sid Vicious, a member of the then-infamous Sex Pistols. Vicious killed her on 10/12/78 and he later committed suicide in early 1979.
Nancy Spungen was a person who had a family who loved her and who does not deserve to be further vilified in death than she already has been. Nancy Spungen was a person, not a definition and certainly not someone to be reviled.
by Lil Ringo September 04, 2009
To go completely off the deep end; succumb to extreme rage.
You'd go apeshit too, if somebody threw up on your 1968 Dodge Dart. That ain't no way to treat a fine Chrysler!
by Lil Ringo September 30, 2007
To succumb to extreme rage; volatile; violently angry.
You'd go apeshit too, if somebody threw up on YOUR 1968 Dodge Dart! That ain't no way to treat that fine Chrysler!
by Lil Ringo September 30, 2007
Look like ass - to look messy; sloppy and generally slovenly.
e.g. "That table looks like ass with all those papers stewn about!" "She came in looking like something the cat dragged in and her hair looked like ass."

"Best to get in here and clean your room 'cause it sure looks like ass!"

"That torn coat she's wearing looks like total ass."
by Lil Ringo November 06, 2007
mf'ing ugly; looking like ass and then some. Uglier than b fugly.
That stupid Jason is not just ugly, his sorry ass is mufugly. He's covered with moles and smells like a barrel of unwiped assholes and that mufugly loser always acting a fool.
by Lil Ringo November 06, 2007
A fat woman.

A spoiled, overindulged girl or woman with a sense of entitlement.
I never liked fairy princesses or any princess of folk tale lore because they were vapid spoiled cushions.

She's such a nasty little cushion, always demanding her way.
by Lil Ringo April 25, 2014
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