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6 definitions by Lii

A word used for emphasis. Makes you sound kinda "cheerleaderish" when you use it.
Random: I totally failed that maths test
Courtney: Your IQ drops by at least 20 points everytime you say 'totally'
by Lii August 13, 2005
115 41
Used to express how good something is, how dumb someone is, how awesome a thing is ... etc ... it's great to describe almost anything actually!
1. No school today? That is the absolute cheese! - Lisa
2. OMG Bush, you are an absolute cheese - Dave
3. That has *got to be* the absolute cheese! - Pip
by Lii August 17, 2005
6 2
A word used generally in exclaimation when something or someone is very very good.
Going back to year 11...
Random: Outward Bound is over in 2 days!
Everyone else: KING!
by Lii August 13, 2005
13 19
An Australian mainstream magazine for teenage girls.
Me: Cool, the new Dolly is out.
by Lii August 13, 2005
6 15
Something or someone gross or bad.
Outward Bound...
Abby: I haven't showered for 10 days
Anna: None of us have
Abby: If you're ming and you know it, clap your hands!
Everyone else: <Clap Clap>
by Lii August 13, 2005
20 55
Girls who listen to music which is branded "Emo".
That includes so many bands that even I am emo. And no, I don't wear black, don't cut myself and don't cry all the time. ;)
by Lii August 13, 2005
87 181