925 definitions by Light Joker

a magazine, especially a cheap one
Put down the zine. It's not worth reading.
by Light Joker August 21, 2007
A place in Northern Ireland(a territory of the U.K.)Where may dad got a job.
Dad sent me a T-shirt that says Belfast,Northern Ireland.
by Light Joker June 13, 2004
a sandwich with many ingredients
Let's get a couple of submarines
by Light Joker June 27, 2007
vomit.(an old slang term)
Oh Crap, the floor is covered in lung butter.
by Light Joker August 29, 2004
(In Goblin Commander)

Hellfire slang for a any Goblin in general.
"10-4, two bad Gobbies ahead."
by Light Joker May 27, 2004
a stupid or clumsy person.
Man, that new kid is such a klutz.
by Light Joker October 11, 2004
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