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beautiful intelligent caring person
she is just like a josyane
by Lexi November 09, 2004
also known as 'madame barats', which isn't her name 'cause she got married and had a boss eyed cherub called sam. she makes at least one person a day cry (i feel sorry for her husband and son. weekends and school holidays must be a total nightmare)

madman barats is someone who is a total heinous cow.
'you are as bad as madman barats'
'oh no we've got madman barats for french next'
by lexi May 08, 2004
tell everyone what i did bad to you

comes from power 105.1's ed lover and dr dre in the morning's put peoples asses on blast
i cheated on you so put me on blast
by lexi November 18, 2003
Noun. To be a big fat loser with no friends.
Wow, he's being such a lofferbobber right now.
by Lexi March 13, 2005
pissed off
you are so annoying, po.
by lexi November 13, 2003
When a guy eats out a girl with her period then she blows him then they kiss with all of the stuff in their mouth
Ew you gave a rainbow kiss you nasty!!
by Lexi November 25, 2003
Supreme Kai, or Shien, is the most powrefuliest of all the kia's, he has a SILVER mohawk and earings...
Shien (pronouciation: sh-en) will always be the supreme kia
by Lexi September 27, 2003

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