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The language that has emerged as a result of the popularization of leet (1337) speak and classic and growing AIM speak. The short hand used by internet denizens to fast type. This includes the use of numbers as text and elaborate acronyms. To be avoided.
Person1: She was like "lets be bff" and I was like "WTF n00b"
Person2: OMG WTF were you like GTFO?
Person1: I was like "U are teh sux"
Person2: ROFL, way 2 pwn her.
Person1: I understand your internet pidgin.

*Last line not actually spoken*
#1337 #leet #aim speak #loltalk #stupid #internet pigeon
by LethalGopher July 10, 2008
A derisive term for the short hand used by many online speakers that plays off of Internet pidgin. It utilizes the metaphor that pigeons are rats with wings. The idea is that the weak short hand is just as virulent.
Person1: What did you think of the new dude in the guild?
Person2: He played alright, but I can't take his internet pigeon. He LOLed way too much.
Person1: Too bad, we can't have him infecting the guild. I'll drop him.
Person2: Thanks.
#leet #1337 #aim speak #stupid #internet pidgin
by LethalGopher July 10, 2008
The definition created by Goostoff is a must. This entry is to introduce the alternative of O-log. The word is easier to differentiate from blog than vlog. It uses the same naming system as blog. It uses last letter retention. Spread it, it is the write name for the wrong action.
*conversaion is on the phone*
Person1: I made anew vlog.
Person2: What did you write?
Person1: No I talked, I said vlog.
Person2: So you made a O-log?
Person1: Yah, sorry I was caught up in broken lingo.
Person2: No problem, I appreciate the warning, I'll add it to the list of O-log I will avoid.
Person1: Screw you, but *sigh* I understand.
#o-log #olog #video blog #youtube #lame #video journal
by LethalGopher July 10, 2008
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